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Firefox and Thunderbird: Taking Command of their Behavior

Note: now updated w/ illustration!

Launching TB or FF from the Command Line

(or with the RUN command of the Start menu in Windows XP)
In order to truly benefit from the alternative functions offered by Command Line execution, it is essential to refer to the Mozilla Command Line Options, an extensive list of special program functions, to be executed from the Command Line, or if you prefer the point-and-click method offered by the convenience of the Quick Launch bar, then you'll probably prefer to place a shortcut to ‘RUN’ on your Desktop or Quick-Launch menu ("Run..." is found in the Start menu by default, and is just under the Search icon. To enable a proper Shortcut for this function, it's actually extraordinarily easy...

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You Need a Latin Translation Device

It's probably one of the most obscure yet prevalent phenoms of our culture-- the Latin Derivative. Well, I happened to stumble upon a convenient little Java Applet the other day while trying to do a very need-to-get-a-life activity-- which was sitting here trying to come up with my own Latin derivative of some pop culture term, which itself isn't important-- but what is would be the URL for the nifty little "type in your text, and hit enter" type of web site.

Seriously-- it's pretty cool-- especially if you're studying Latin, i'll bet this little number could really come in handy for you. Check it out: it's the On-line Latin-English/English-Latin Dictionary (Java Client) brought to you by the UBC SunSITE: The University of British Columbia Mathematics Department

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Shamrock Shakes

Here's something to consider. In the late 70's or early 80's, for St. Patrick's Day, McDonalds restuarant would solicit their Shamrock Shakes. I recall it as a big deal, and looking forward to going to McDonalds to enjoy one of them each year. A Shamrock Shake, in case you don't know, is a milkshake, in the spirit of McDonalds famous milkshakes, but it's green and minty in flavor. I recall, like a festivity, it was something not to be missed, and everyone knew them by name-- probably due to the heavy solicitation campaigns.

I wonder-- is it because i'm older now that i don't notice those ads from McDonalds, or do they simply not solicit them anymore? It would seem that McDonalds has taken on a completely differet facade than it once had back in those days. I say bring back the Shamrock Shakes in full force! Bring back the Hamburgler and Mayor McCheese! Bring back the Grimmace and the fry guys! I wanna throw caution to the wind, disregard the contents of my food, munch on a Happy Meal, and have a damn good time while doing it-- all while sitting in the caboose of a miniature train inside of the resturant! YEE HAW! Let's go clog our arteries!..

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the “Nullsoft Media Player”: New Winamp Skin Emulates WMP 10

This time, it really does whip the Llama's ass! If you're the type who enjoys listening to music, or just listening to a media player-- whatever the content, while working at your PC, i totally recommend you try the new Winamp, v5.2 -- there's a skin available titled "Nullsoft Media Player 10" which makes Winamp look like Windows Media Player, and it also puts all of the controls similarly places-- seemingly giving Winamp even more features! We know that's not really what's happening, but the illusion sure is created rather well! It is definitely worth checking out!

If you're looking for some streaming internet radio, after you've downloaded that cool as hell new version of Winamp, then i have just the thing for you! go here and grab my playlist-- it's even got a favorites list in there which will work with Media Player Classic. now, how cool is that!?

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A Good Guide to Guitar Chords in Major Keys

check it out. try to ignore the blackbelt metaphor and focus on the music theory.

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Guitar MX 2004: Mr. Fastfinger

What happens when a skilled (Macromedia) Flash animation artist (a Flash-toonist?) applies his talent and creativity to the ‘shred’-guitar student's 16th note triplet exercises? You get the Guitar Shred Show, starring Mr. Fastfinger! (You better have a faster-than-dial-up connection, otherwise you'll experience some serious load-time.)

Certainly worth the visit, Mr. Fastfinger does for guitar-students and shred-guitar what Mr Miyagi did for Daniel LaRusso and Karate! "Listen to your heart. What is it saying!?", as if to speak an ancient proverb, Mr. Fastfinger advises matter-of-fact-ly one of his many inspirational, Steve Vai -style one-liners.

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