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Guitar MX 2004: Mr. Fastfinger

What happens when a skilled (Macromedia) Flash animation artist (a Flash-toonist?) applies his talent and creativity to the ‘shred’-guitar student’s 16th note triplet exercises? You get the Guitar Shred Show, starring Mr. Fastfinger! (You better have a faster-than-dial-up connection, otherwise you’ll experience some serious load-time.)

Certainly worth the visit, Mr. Fastfinger does for guitar-students and shred-guitar what Mr Miyagi did for Daniel LaRusso and Karate! “Listen to your heart. What is it saying!?”, as if to speak an ancient proverb, Mr. Fastfinger advises matter-of-fact-ly one of his many inspirational, Steve Vai -style one-liners.

A stockpile of quotes is easily accessible at anytime by a mouse-click on Fastfinger’s “Box of Wisdom”– should you find that the sight of all of this masterful shredding has made you feel like a real loser.

An amazing example of Flash web-design skill is displayed in the meticulously perfect matching of user-keyboard interaction with audio clips and dead-on accurate guitar transcriptions, displayed in-synch with the flashy, stunt-like speed picking exercises and whammy-bar tricks which have made Mr. Fastfinger an overnight shred-sensation; a virtual ‘divine-inspiration’ to guitar students world-wide. The author, Mika Tyyskä, will surely become famous for this soon-to-be classic web site. Not only are the interactive exercises truly educational, but the story-line is entertaining as the viewer becomes Mr. Fastfinger and makes his grand final performance for the natives on the Mountain of the Tapping Dwarves.

Have yourself a visit to the Island. If ever you’ve had an appreciation for Steve Vai and the head-cutting scene from the 1980’s movie, Crossroads, then you’ll immediately fall in love with Mr. Fastfinger’s Shred Show! If, after you’ve visited, you feel like you need to practice up on your 16th note triplet exercises, then try this Lesson at Ultimate Guitar. I must give fair warning, however, that if you want to be as fast as Mr. Fastfinger, you had better be prepared to spend a lot of time in disciplined practice, and keep only one thing on your mind…