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Shamrock Shakes

Here’s something to consider. In the late 70’s or early 80’s, for St. Patrick’s Day, McDonalds restuarant would solicit their Shamrock Shakes. I recall it as a big deal, and looking forward to going to McDonalds to enjoy one of them each year. A Shamrock Shake, in case you don’t know, is a milkshake, in the spirit of McDonalds famous milkshakes, but it’s green and minty in flavor. I recall, like a festivity, it was something not to be missed, and everyone knew them by name– probably due to the heavy solicitation campaigns.

I wonder– is it because i’m older now that i don’t notice those ads from McDonalds, or do they simply not solicit them anymore? It would seem that McDonalds has taken on a completely differet facade than it once had back in those days. I say bring back the Shamrock Shakes in full force! Bring back the Hamburgler and Mayor McCheese! Bring back the Grimmace and the fry guys! I wanna throw caution to the wind, disregard the contents of my food, munch on a Happy Meal, and have a damn good time while doing it– all while sitting in the caboose of a miniature train inside of the resturant! YEE HAW! Let’s go clog our arteries!..

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