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the “Nullsoft Media Player”: New Winamp Skin Emulates WMP 10

This time, it really does whip the Llama’s ass! If you’re the type who enjoys listening to music, or just listening to a media player– whatever the content, while working at your PC, i totally recommend you try the new Winamp, v5.2 — there’s a skin available titled “Nullsoft Media Player 10” which makes Winamp look like Windows Media Player, and it also puts all of the controls similarly places– seemingly giving Winamp even more features! We know that’s not really what’s happening, but the illusion sure is created rather well! It is definitely worth checking out!

If you’re looking for some streaming internet radio, after you’ve downloaded that cool as hell new version of Winamp, then i have just the thing for you! go here and grab my playlist— it’s even got a favorites list in there which will work with Media Player Classic. now, how cool is that!?