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Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

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some kind of prison

Formatted in a most basic layout, this page features a simple list of personal highlights intended to give the reader insight into the Author; who is @ajaxStardust.

Please indulge me, won’t you? I’ve decided to tell you a little about the man behind the madness (Myself, that is).

When I am inspired, I exercise my creativity in text (e.g. in the form of something prosaic, here at Whats On Your Brain.), or in music performance and recording. I also work in the graphic-arts; have an affinity for Digital Imaging and Vector Graphics, and Photography.

Thank you for your continued interest in WhatsOnYourBrain.com
The Author

Web Sites Authored:

WordPress Center .net

A web-tech/ software review/ entertainment/ programming weblog I author. Updated URL


Yet another web log I author prose, poetry; whatever I wish to author, at any given moment tends to go here. More naked than nude, I propose.

Centre Web Design

My WordPress Web Development, SEO Consultant, and web hosting business website. What can I do for you?

State College Guitar Lessons

Experienced, advised guitar teacher in the Penn State University (PSU), University Park, State College, PA area. This link takes you directly my online forum for guitar players and guitar instructors. Click to join, and get in on the conversation! StateCollegeGuitarLessons.com

Annie De Browsa

A PHP / jQuery powered simple static content viewer so I can easily upload stuff here and there to share with you on my own terms. There’s also a System Path to HTTP URL conversion tool, for those of you who use http://localhost while working on your web development projects, but don’t have a convenient means by which to browse to a new file or location without mentally interpreting what the localhost URL should be, and physically typing it into the address bar. That, primary, is the reason I share it with you. Please drop me a line if you try it, and find it useful!

WordPress Center .net

A web-tech/ software review/ entertainment/ programming weblog I author. Updated URL

Music Performance/ Recording Artist

In the News

As featured in The Penn State University Daily Collegian newspaper. You’ll find articles about my efforts to promote the State College, PA local, original music scene back in the early 2000’s. It’s stuff about live music in a college town. I hosted and was master of ceremonies for an event I created, Skellerpalooza, which was basically an “Open Mic Night”, for original music bands on tour. Being fortunate to have been well connected in the music industry network– local and national– I used my knowledge and experience to help others gain more exosure!


A band (aka. ‘SONA from Penn State’) I played “The Rockstar” role for several years as lead guitarist http://goo.gl/DX9lP


Chronologically after sOna, E-Nation was a Four-piece alternative hard rock band, featuring Scott Everhart, Tal Peretz (aka, just “Taz”. Like Cher, or Madonna … i think?), Seth Richardson, and i was the guitarist! http://www.last.fm/music/E-Nation

Jeff Sabarese, Music Artist

A sort of best-of collection there features various ensembles in which I played guitar, sing, or in some manner was responsible for the music production: http://goo.gl/HqTzF . This is the recommended URL for an overview of this Author’s work as recording artist.

Consider the aforementioned, a sort of snapshot of my career; my achievements as a musician, a music producer, a music instructor; an author of both educational and creative literature; web design, application development, and web hosting administrator. In any of the references indicated above, the reader might learn something about this author. Please take a moment to visit one or more of the links provided, especially something is related to your own interests.

Thank you for your continued interest. Please, enjoy yourself with the content at the links provided above. Best wishes!

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