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Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

Tag: Hypnogagia

  • Cognarctopus


    Conscious Effort: save this file; the text herein. this represents a “sleep attack“, (huh? whoa! fell down, deeply again… okay: save before Losing all narrative potential!) [aside:] such nodding-out today! not completely “nodded-out”, as per usual, however, the blanket of dooming confusion, the veritable fun-house of horrible images, nonsensical reminiscing, it seems, over things which…

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  • vacation lines fantasy objects

    40 += 10; An analogy would be that of me holding goddamnit my A D Ddropped his stickshole in his shorts was most likely it’s the peripheral noise presently believe it or not a goddamn Pokemon foreachOperateRepairLocateIdentify On === going Analysis.Charlie arosealone of thorns having no reluctancedropping a line “I didn’t hook-it-up to the phone…

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  • Return Without Rhyme: a Reasonable Account

    The key lies in the capture. Here, I would for you. Let it come. Let it be true. Here, not unbeknown, yet unlike Your talk of effort’s fare. Account of it how owned this debt analogous, it’s true topple the tables, for it accrues! Delinquent sinner, carry account: Conscience disclosure, what? Insignificance and counting produce…

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  • Situation Normal All Fried Up

    Log entry. No. For the trees. Triple. Three ex’s Abbreviate. Sir sit. Sir’s phone Sisters, alone. Chimed in so charming Slowly too low Organ flower sickly cohabited fail alcoholic got into get going waterfowl falling it’s hailing into the crack Mix it up Boy needed “more sax”. Tripled the flex Xxx slut. No twists in…

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