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Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

You Need a Latin Translation Device

It’s probably one of the most obscure yet prevalent phenoms of our culture– the Latin Derivative. Well, I happened to stumble upon a convenient little Java Applet the other day while trying to do a very need-to-get-a-life activity– which was sitting here trying to come up with my own Latin derivative of some pop culture term, which itself isn’t important– but what is would be the URL for the nifty little “type in your text, and hit enter” type of web site.

Seriously– it’s pretty cool– especially if you’re studying Latin, i’ll bet this little number could really come in handy for you. Check it out: it’s the On-line Latin-English/English-Latin Dictionary (Java Client) brought to you by the UBC SunSITE: The University of British Columbia Mathematics Department