What's on your Brain. Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?


David Robert Jones: Inhale

It is not what I mean
in what I do
to consume as much
anti-maintenance candy bean

“One symptom of nervous tension,
is repeated and violent

... and what of Ambrosia; the gods' regard?

“i can breathe again”
I couldn't leave her

with two May-Lily travellers
as The device is calibrated...
Yet unlike before
40 friendly midget men
bring flowering to floor.

if you can't relate”

Yellow buttercup, helicoptor
“It smells like... Morphine Sulfate!”

rolling back the same roles 'bound
liquid, wax, or powder flake
nothing but extrapolate
no Thin White Duke
no fascist-fake
no “was” for creative sake

How travelled by
time and space
beauty one
in clearer eye
turn crumbling pulverizer
others grey, turn beauty face
one familiar
warming place
forty friendly marigolds
can't survive out in the cold
for tea under sun soul one
pay tender package
oh dear, Lord, i should be told

John Barth, Lost In The Funhouse

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2 mg
I did not notice any remarkable side-effects, appox 14 hours since ingestion (to induce sleep, which i suppose it might have done something /helpful/ to such affect).
however likely
nothing remarkable, altogether

--- time passages--
i believe it induces night-terrors / nightmares / weird f'n dreams.... "this shrieking of nothing is killing us..."
.... "and i'm hoping to kick, but this planet is glow-ow-ow-ing".... "i'm happy, hope you're happy too. (but no smoking pistol)"...
(citation, credit - David Robert Jones)

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Ego, Id, Superego, Libido, etc.

All Freud's theories, however implausible they may seem at cursory glance, remain some of the most comprehensive analysis of the human psyche; bear influence upon even contemporary psychology / psychoanalysis. It is fortunate, I believe, I have a fair grasp on the reigns of these things-- if not, then wait for the marble to roll. Tilt, i've yet to master.

However, I consider the physical erosion certainly more apparent. Again, it is fortunate, for medical technology is advanced enough to undo the damage of aging. It is unfortunate, however, that I haven't the resources required of any repairing.

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Substitute Controversy in Woolite Patient

To: Dr. Buprenex
Cc: Su (Box One) R.Nd.

I know it's been a while,
since our last correspondence.
I'm afraid I hail you
with troubling news.
No new news
I admit
What others know;
what majority: don't;
what you, likely,
only try in understanding:

Life Between Dying

By eight, per recommendation,
bye days.
What zombie raised,
Adderazilla battles
toward rendering animation,
mighty salts o'phetamine
by regulation, losing; lost, dead.

Instead, go about Suffering some
regular intervals by four milligrams
split two days; I can't stand.
But power-up
Adderazilla made more mighty;
now zombie challenge less only
more in high fidelity.

All this, you see, would be so easy.
Were it not for a singular realization.
I believe; You see,
Buprenorphine, I sleep;study:
It has been killing me.
Upon my chest
as did the nine teens
85 Barrymore feline's climb.
It's steals my breath, at intervals
dead, nearly;
They, yet idle, by:
prefer reading only
more Apnea.

The activity, at once,
I've considered in silence,
may be done for me
After all. This work.
how much regained;
what sweet exit of pain?

I. Futile


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Speed Racer

"As a matter of fact, I've lined up Japan's most popular anime series to sponsor my car..."
(crowd gasps)

"The English translation of this Series is, “Many-tentacled Rapist from Hell Conquered the Innocence of School-girls”, and as you can see-- the production values are very high. ho, ho, hoa!..."

(Robot Chicken [Adult Swim], episode X season X racer X)

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…and it goes-on

indeed, Amphetamine:
it has it's pros n' cons.
Sometimes, I am on the fence.
Typically, however, far above it;
urging thus, confessed.

© 2010 js
(rewrite from something mentioned, whilst consuming the last.fm)

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