What's on your Brain.

Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

David Robert Jones: Inhale

It is not what I mean
in what I do
to consume as much
anti-maintenance candy bean

“One symptom of nervous tension,
is repeated and violent

… and what of Ambrosia; the gods’ regard?

“i can breathe again”
I couldn’t leave her

with two May-Lily travellers
as The device is calibrated…
Yet unlike before
40 friendly midget men
bring flowering to floor.

if you can’t relate”

Yellow buttercup, helicoptor
“It smells like… Morphine Sulfate!”

rolling back the same roles ‘bound
liquid, wax, or powder flake
nothing but extrapolate
no Thin White Duke
no fascist-fake
no “was” for creative sake

How travelled by
time and space
beauty one
in clearer eye
turn crumbling pulverizer
others grey, turn beauty face
one familiar
warming place
forty friendly marigolds
can’t survive out in the cold
for tea under sun soul one
pay tender package
oh dear, Lord, i should be told

John Barth, Lost In The Funhouse