What's on your Brain.

Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

Substitute Controversy in Woolite Patient

To: Dr. Buprenex
Cc: Su (Box One) R.Nd.

I know it’s been a while,
since our last correspondence.
I’m afraid I hail you
with troubling news.
No new news
I admit
What others know;
what majority: don’t;
what you, likely,
only try in understanding:

Life Between Dying

By eight, per recommendation,
bye days.
What zombie raised,
Adderazilla battles
toward rendering animation,
mighty salts o’phetamine
by regulation, losing; lost, dead.

Instead, go about Suffering some
regular intervals by four milligrams
split two days; I can’t stand.
But power-up
Adderazilla made more mighty;
now zombie challenge less only
more in high fidelity.

All this, you see, would be so easy.
Were it not for a singular realization.
I believe; You see,
Buprenorphine, I sleep;study:
It has been killing me.
Upon my chest
as did the nine teens
85 Barrymore feline’s climb.
It’s steals my breath, at intervals
dead, nearly;
They, yet idle, by:
prefer reading only
more Apnea.

The activity, at once,
I’ve considered in silence,
may be done for me
After all. This work.
how much regained;
what sweet exit of pain?

I. Futile