What's on your Brain. Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?


Question the Information that Your Government Permits You

The evidence is countless, but here's one little fun fact to raise the good ol' X-Files "I Want to Believe" sentiment in so many of us.

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1997 XF11: All Life on Planet Earth to End 2028 AD

It could have been the headlines of newspapers of every intelligent, modern technological country in the world-- had it not been discovered to be a miscalculation that Asteroid 1997 XF11 was headed straight for Earth.

Will we ever be forced to ponder what will happen if a Near Earth Object is determined to be on a collision course with Earth, and our National Security is caught without the technology advanced enough to protect our planet? If you think the answer is inevitably "yes", then what will be your thoughts? Will you be brooding or celebrating, or do you think it won't affect your day-to-day behaviour?

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Welcome to My Blog…

I'm glad you decided to stop by. I created this Blog because I needed to learn how to use the software-- so that I can install them for clients, or for use in my own sites, like the one you'll see here under CCF Auction Blog, in place on a Web Site I administer / edit for myself, and a business partner.

When I started this Blog, I really didn't know what I was going to do about the problem of coming up with content. I didn't / don't want it to turn into a meaningless, self-promoting, place where i could ramble about a bunch of b.s. about which no one would care or have an interest, so I decided that I could probably make it at least a little bit interesting. So, I made categories.

Since i've been studying a lot of web design / development stuff lately, i figured I could come here and post anything interesting that i come across in my studies. In particular, those studies have been focused on CSS, PHP, MySQL, and most recently, Postgre SQL. So, as I went along putting that stuff in the proper places here, I actually thought of a few other categories about which I might be able to log some interesting info. Having been a professional musician for many years, I made a "Music" category, with "Guitar" as a sub-category, since that's my instrument. I'm also a guitar instructor, so hopefully, i'll eventually put some guitar / educational related stuff there. There is also a category for Technology, Political, and of course Web Development and Web Design. Technology is here because, although you wouldn't know it necessarily, I am quite interested in emerging technologies-- especially those related to the IT / Communications field. Political is here because every once in a while, i'll have something to say about some public nonsense-- figured might as well make a category for that!

I've already made a little page for an "Introduction to CSS" web site i'm working on, which itself will act as a supplement to a session i'll teach at Juniata College-- as a guest instructor. For more info on that, just look at "Pages", under "My Little CSS Page". or follow this link . Take a look at that URL-- you'll see the domain name "adesigninteractive.com"-- well, that's the domain i made for my fledgling web design / development service. I am taking on clients-- the first of which, i guess you could say, is the Lions Den, a bar in State College, PA. I've done other sites in the past, such as the Alley Cat Music web site, which i've re-done since my founding of A Design Interactive.

Oh, one more thing-- i'll be getting back up on stage, performing in a band again soon. The band is comprised of some old friends, some of which i spent many years of blood sweat and tears with as part of the band sona. The new band is Mr Hand.

One last thing I want to stress-- if you, for whatever reason, would like to contribute to this Blog, then please, by all means, create an account. If I feel that it's appropriate, I'll promote your user account so you can start adding new content here right away-- or at least give you the permissioin to "comment" on the existing content. okay, i guess that's about it for now then. thanks for reading! :)

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Getting Back to the Classroom

Fortunately for me because she's a really great person, I am friends with Dr. Marlene Burkhardt, Associate Professor of Information Technology at Juniata College, Huntington, PA. Dr. Burkhardt and I are actually partners in a part-time business which she manages in her spare-time off from instructing at the college. Marlene and I met because I am her daughter Sara's private guitar tutor. Dr. Burkhardt and I became friends through many candid conversations before and after Sara's guitar sessions, having a shared interested in IT and emerging IT hardware and software, as well as the social function of IT itself.

I'm going to speak this week, Thursday, October 27th, at Juniata College for Dr. Burkhardt's IT class. This little clinic will be an Introduction to CSS. As part of my Lesson Plan / Documents for the day, I decided to make this little site. Yeah, I really do manage my time poorly. However, I think it might be the start of something cool. As I write these words, what you will see at that link is a VERY incomplete composition, but you should be able to see where it's headed. Take note of the navigation at the top-- the idea there being a sort of chronological flow of how one might approach the business of Web Design and Development. This particular navigation represents that of a Web Designer who maintains a duality, functioning also as web server administrator. As it develops, it's turning into basically a mirror of what my lesson plan for this little clinic.

Please feel free to give me some feedback on that little page! Once it's finished, I'll probably post some more info about it-- if anyone can get any use out of it, i'd be delighted!

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People Shouldn’t Use 9/11 as a Scapegoat for their own Convictions

Have you ever bore witness to someone attempting to perpetuate their own agenda by interjecting misplaced commentary? Did you ever try to get your own point across about a current affair, or issue relevant to some immediate circumstance, only to be derailed by an audience member (or another party present in the conversation) who, wishing to gain footing with his own viewpoint on a separate issue, interrupts the flow of the discourse by relating the discussion to another issue, seemingly irrelevant to the issue at hand? Well, I have, and it's one of my "pet peeves"!

I just heard a celebrity talking about the ongoing battles in the courts over the issue of Gay-Marriage. He went on to say, something to the effect of 'You mean to tell me that you're going to worry about gay marriage after we've got things like 9/11 to worry about!?'. Well, all I have to say about that is, if people start changing their moral values, and their beliefs and convictions because we've got "more important things to worry about", then by-god, haven't then the terrorists accomplished precisely what they set out to do?

Now, i'm not saying that i am against a person's right to live their lives which ever they want, and i'm certainly not against the peoples' rights to take their issues to court, but i am against someone who tries to let one issue, in some twisted way, ride on the coat-tails of another-- a completely separate and irrelevant issue-- just because there are too many things to worry about.

anyway, i just wanted to post something so i could get these new categories to show up. ;)

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Active Media Links (scxml.php) and No Amount of Stylistic Editing

There are so many vast capabilities of this blog software, and yet I've wasted a ton of time editing and configuring only the style. I believe it is time now to begin investigating the many different possiblities for syndicated content, not to mention to explore some other experimental content by modeling the very clean, consice code which comprises the WordPress application.

I would like to add to the meta section, a link to one of my favorite internet / Winamp radio stations. I'd like to do so in very much the same way as is done w/ the Firefox or Atom icons there (as displayed in certain themes installed here). I discovered on this particular radio station's web site, a file named /scxml.php, which i assume must contain XML data. I'd like to extract that data, if possible, and display it in some sort of custom-formatted area of this site.

This of course could be considered yet another waste of valuable time which could be spent elsewhere, working on some of the other projects I have in the works, but I like to think of it rather as valuable learning; experience which i can later apply to those other projects. It's all a matter of gaining mastery over the technology. It has never been about specific customization of a specific document, such as this one.

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