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Active Media Links (scxml.php) and No Amount of Stylistic Editing

There are so many vast capabilities of this blog software, and yet I’ve wasted a ton of time editing and configuring only the style. I believe it is time now to begin investigating the many different possiblities for syndicated content, not to mention to explore some other experimental content by modeling the very clean, consice code which comprises the WordPress application.

I would like to add to the meta section, a link to one of my favorite internet / Winamp radio stations. I’d like to do so in very much the same way as is done w/ the Firefox or Atom icons there (as displayed in certain themes installed here). I discovered on this particular radio station’s web site, a file named /scxml.php, which i assume must contain XML data. I’d like to extract that data, if possible, and display it in some sort of custom-formatted area of this site.

This of course could be considered yet another waste of valuable time which could be spent elsewhere, working on some of the other projects I have in the works, but I like to think of it rather as valuable learning; experience which i can later apply to those other projects. It’s all a matter of gaining mastery over the technology. It has never been about specific customization of a specific document, such as this one.