What's on your Brain. Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?


Rather I Fingers Blistered

Please porridge pie be sweet,
Sir Pair O'winkle do,
Won't ye be a good fine gent,
a good fine miss’s too
So Pair O'Winkle diddly do
who way the page far down
as far can be Sir Pair with she
skipping to hop o’er clowns
with a spin of the wheel
a slide of the scroll, you're already there
if the links are not hyper
please be a good friend
just copy and paste
you'll reach the same end
i'd make a fine sister
a brother, your friend.
click like ye hyper
hyperlink so much honey
hung by the trees
root where i stumbled
all over honey and bees
click, don't be crass
ten stingers per click
a genuine ass.

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Synecdoche is a Word

A robin, a bird
a challenge, a war
alliteration, atypical conversation

allusion, confusion
Anna, the girl next door
a meaning, a dictionary so much more

a brother, annoying one
a sibling, a sister
abstinence unrestrained, rhyme-scheme

all I had, I had to do
all of it, if but for this
all went still, over again I kissed her

Ambrose amazed, metaphoric amusement
author of “Fun-House”, muse maybe flows
amphetamine objective, stimulate subjective to breathe
anarchy, archaic, abhorrent, the day as before

awaken the morning
a break, for imploring
an officer, a statement
an epilogue, right here
a moment away, where he did lay
a call came in, a car come out
“Right there, on the floor.”

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For the Honour of John J Geddes

Earthen meter is JG
thus decides deliberately
affectionate nōn obstante
heretofore measure no more
’fore precision bespoke the song

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