What's on your Brain. Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?


She Don’t Use Oxy

“c'mon all you pot-heads! Bend your knees!” ~ Perry Farrell (from the film, “Soul Kiss”)

ASIDE: Oranges are fine, for real.
20 Mg of Vitamin, per peel.
I prefer the warm climate
Rx of the Orange,
So dirty can be snow.

Oranges: peculiar?
Upper-East: Oddly.
I've tons of those beasts!

“I know a girl who, looks like Cher:
She's always changing
the color of her hair...
she likes her _HARE_ to be real Orange!
She uses Tangerines!” {*1}

(ASIDE: Alas, i ain't got no money, and i ain't got no Hare)

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Face-Book Fart-Fumbling

“it is not the dogma (e.g. Catholocism; Church; Christianity, etc.); the cult; the religion, which brainwashes children to be insane.
But, what do i know; I've no children: I'm merely an observer.

The child is driven mad, you must understand, when the breast is not at his mouth. Madness, and psychosis; violence, etc.: these things begin there, during the development of the /Ego/; when the child discovers his is not the breast, but obtains the breast through such means as complaint; tantrums; keeping the parent awake for 36+ hours, etc.)” {*1}

{*1} FBUID: Brock.Sampson.927
(RE FBUID: jillhochman, P# 824789857546773)

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One likes to crush the dream;
One might set it to flame;
One is too young to know:
What does it mean
to kick the stool from below?

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The Feather and the Croft

Free thyself;
Free the soul,
as a feather from the croft,
let the future be thus

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Way of the Viking

Gonna make me a list.
Gonna check it twice.
Gonna get an automatic weapon.
Set to ice.
Whose names these are, I think I know.
Let your home be six-feet-below.
And after I've extinguished those, and ye.
I wish to be burned, and and set to sea.

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The “Duke of Nuts”

If I were the Duke of Nuts, and I am, I might be inclined to recite:
“Now, now, Little Nut: what might Buddha think of the motivation in your intention, here?”

And the little Nut might reply:
“Make no intimations that you desire should evoke sensations.”

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