What's on your Brain. Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?


Way of the Viking

Gonna make me a list.
Gonna check it twice.
Gonna get an automatic weapon.
Set to ice.
Whose names these are, I think I know.
Let your home be six-feet-below.
And after I've extinguished those, and ye.
I wish to be burned, and and set to sea.

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The “Duke of Nuts”

If I were the Duke of Nuts, and I am, I might be inclined to recite:
“Now, now, Little Nut: what might Buddha think of the motivation in your intention, here?”

And the little Nut might reply:
“Make no intimations that you desire should evoke sensations.”

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Frequent Accidental Over Dose

And, what's the frequency, Geoffrey?
Benzadrine, not administered;
not here; not irrelevant.
Still, “never understood the frequency”;
So not up-to-speed.

Telling-Delusions of Grandeur,
thus, enter the fold.
As such, over dose is unbecoming.
Like you, and we:
at once profound,
how lost that time,
without a sound:
what's been told?

Thank you for being so ignorant,
a homo-inferior.
Hatred here: quasi-superior.

Nothing like virtue, but for pleasure
indulge in subjugation.
Grateful for what reckoning be wrought
through Education.
Loathe the ignorant mutation.

Eventually the lowly fiddler
endeavors to break free:
Amusing so to scoff at thee;
your wretched company!
Yet, he loves you.
He hates only He.

And in escape;
to wax so verily:
excite the sensibility!

Such Hyper-Mania negates
psychotic pathology.
Constant neurotic:
where is black;
who is blue;
been read all over:
have you too?

The Grande Foreboding
it grows ever only closer!
Stop it to die.
Bring on the closure.

§ © 2013 by Sabarese §

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Short and Long

Sometimes they move real slow
Sometimes those hands: so fast
That goddamn clock...
mocking my ass!

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Observe all the damage.
A drop weighs a ton,
And what have You done?
And what is yet to come?

© j sabarese

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A New Sort of Insanity

Okay, here's my new thing: I'm going to appropriate some of the most whack shit you've ever seen from the Japanese Harijuku / Lolitas (e.g. YouTube: search "Shit people say to Lolitas")... and, i shall produce a new bit of art. I have been inspired by the following, as a befitting soundtrack: (Why? Because “I'm such a Hobo [Bro]-lita!”)

link features:
Musical Artist, Primus.
Track title, The Toys go Winding Down

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