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Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

Can We Save

My Memory

Can we save this, and go back to the original version?

Ahh, so much version– and yet– no real product. Such conglomerate of praxis– perhaps a fledgling key– kid-start, the one you [me] earned “This is yourself”, you should know, oh that key– that is what I’ve been searching for, rather diligently– behind / through this goo!

Okay so ill advised, but ill in general– and since this shall be a recorded effort, i will. On intervals. Certain special– like the damn attack itself.

This. All of this, i have only a cursory knowledge– let it be known– but strive clearly to understand and acquire more resource, however the reading, as you may witness so. This is “ZERO” text. I mean absolute “0”. That sort of thing must exist, no?

Answering machine said Denise, but id rather talk to D____ine for sure. Just use the link tracker. You don’t even have to try to figure it out (a voice from sound upon sound; sound of rejection: sounding to move escape!)

Escape while you can! Stand up! Take pill. Walk around. Escape and return. Conquer!!! Prevail. Must not die this way. Must not have taken my own breath– but better– to take those breaths, and yield them shit. You have the right to remain.

Silent, I know. There is a Hell of a lot of info but i have safely avoided the ejectsssssssssssssssssss pattern not designed for rep, only for destruction. There is after all no pattern, hence such longing for it and such confusion. (licking one’s finger “sssffft!… the pie! it’s very good… tastes like cherry, or grape.)

“…And not to you (you, M.R.) i’d like to have my own copy– turret gasoline prices. Up. Bearing arms. WTF…. WTF… troops? Troops, and a marching band?

Well, perhaps it is one eloquent way of. “You’re not the origin of Digital-Scope”. What are you trying to do?

I don’t think we have that file anymore.


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