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Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

Not his best work, but

“It’s Saturday”, by Marcy Playground… the verses are lacking , but LOVE that chorus:
“cause i got some kind of disease
and there are no remedies
think i should stay in bed today
maybe tomorrow go out and play”

“should’ve listened when you said beware
of Horny Girls with New Jersey Hair”

(hair, an oft occurring euphemism for “Heroin”, in lyric / rhyme [i.e. Bowie, “Aint’ got not money, and i an’t got no hair”])

Recovering addicts understand. we don’t want to be sick; we don’t want to use, but there is no cure– at least– not the sort of cure, as a “remedy”, alluded in those verses. The turnabout is human nature: struggle-on in acrid survival.

and what the f is that part in the middle [of “It’s Saturday”]?… all the echo on the voice? what’s Wozniak saying there?


“ohh… and i never wanna leave…
ohh…. this place….
ohh…. and i always wanna be…
right here” (another tune, same album, “America”, track #2, Shapeshifter, Marcy Playground… and that’s a REALLY good one, should you wish to sample some M.P.)