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“…I shoulda learned to play the gui-tar…”

“.. i shoulda learned to play them drums…”

i’ve just developed a theory that I must possess some type of eight-year metamorphosis cycle. what the heck am i talking about: metamorphosis? well, allow me to explain.

my first, albeit fleeting, infatuation with programming consumed me in about 1987 when I excelled in Basic programming in an Intro to Comp-Sci class in Jr High-School (and even earlier if we’ll consider the ol’ Commodore 64 [or was it the VIC-20?] and a few little “which-way books”-inspired, basic IF, THEN, GOTO scripts in which i had my big brothers maneuvering about in some silly little text-based world i created! amusing to think how boring it must have been considering there must only have been 2 (or very limited) options for each next step (can’t recall how that language worked exactly… and it couldn’t have had a db attached, right…. not on audio cassette, as i didn’t even own a floppy drive! heehee– ah, … but i digress…), but when i became facinated with learning to play guitar, it consumed me so thoroughly that i must have abandoned all else as i barely have any other memories from that era other than something guitar, band, or music-related. i’ve been a private guitar instructor since circa 1989 (actually– since before that, but who’s counting, right?), and i’ve dabbled in web design since about 1997, so i guess it would make sense that it would take another 8 years for me to put the two together, huh?

Guitar – by J. Sabarese

it’s not really “there” yet– by that i mean it’s not nearly to the point i want it to be ultimately– sure, i have something published now, and i’ve had guitar stuff, such as my student schedule, published for several years– but i never really sat down and tried to do a nice, dedicated guitar page complete w/ specific sections about resource links, tabs, theory, etc., and now that i’m getting the hang of this web design/ development thing finally, i think i’m ready to apply it to guitar– what i’d really like to do (now don’t go and steal my idea, freak!) is to acquire some digital video clips, apply them to a curriculum associated directly or indirectly with my favorite music theory book, Edly’s Music Theory for Practical People, and stick ’em on-line for y’all peeps to chew on. Ed R, kind gent that he is, gave me permission to do so, upon his approved review of the material, so i’m very glad of that! Mr Ed’ly’s theory books are very easy to understand, so anyone out there struggling w/ music theory should give one of Ed’s books at least a glance before you put it away– i’ll be you decide that you want to spend more time with it, and you’ll probably even learn a thing or two!

if you have an interest in guitar, learning to play an instrument, or music in general– there’s at least a slight possiblity that something on my guitar page will interest you.

please, if you visit my little on-line Guitar instruction work-in-progress, then do me the honor of returning momentarily to provide me suggestions for improvement, as i realize i need ’em!

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