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My CSS Lecture at Juniata University

Before i “talk your ear off”, i’d like to provide the link to my
Brief Overview of Cascading Style Sheets.
Below is just my commentary on why i decided to create such a web site. Thanks for visiting!

Fortunately for me because she’s a really great person, I am friends with Dr. Marlene Burkhardt, Associate Professor of Information Technology at Juniata College, Huntington, PA. Dr. Burkhardt and I are actually partners in a part-time business which she manages in her spare-time off from instructing at the college. Marlene and I met because I am her daughter Sara’s private guitar tutor. Dr. Burkhardt and I became friends through many candid conversations before and after Sara’s guitar sessions, having a shared interested in IT and emerging IT hardware and software, as well as the social function of IT itself.

I’m going to speak this week, Thursday, October 27th, at Juniata College for Dr. Burkhardt’s IT class. This little clinic will be an Introduction to CSS. As part of my Lesson Plan / Documents for the day, I decided to make this little site. Yeah, I really do manage my time poorly. However, I think it might be the start of something cool. As I write these words (Late Oct. 2005), what you will see at that link is a VERY incomplete composition, but you should be able to see where it’s headed. Take note of the navigation at the top– the idea there being a sort of chronological flow of how one might approach the business of Web Design and Development. This particular navigation represents that of a Web Designer who maintains a duality, functioning also as web server administrator. As it develops, it’s turning into basically a mirror of what my lesson plan for this little clinic.

Please feel free to give me some feedback on that little page! Once it’s finished, I’ll probably post some more info about it– if anyone can get any use out of it, i’d be delighted!