What's on your Brain.

Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

Capturing the Doazz

that damn ritalender! no dates in the corner!

write a little sentence there, a sentence for you. damn thing won’t launch, so what day is it? 9:37 pm, Friday – July 11th, 2008.

dana z______ – Alec pointing toward the door
“…dude, is she going to be in there for a while?..”, but who the fuck knows.
Oh my god, is it D-Z?
wait a minute, what is that? i heard you got cut-off!?

Exactly, for You are the master.
an Eagle, or [other] Scout

it’s an empty box, with a letter in it
listing some of the songs we wanted to do

peering down the warehouse full of bodies,
“so, you’re saying all of these are locked?”

Eric!, he said, You’re a slow stealer!
its no wonder… the pieces, you are!

§ insignificant, albeit Found-commentary; added for vivisection, yours: 2011-05-07. §

This, quite likely: one of so many attempts [an introspective study-habit i hooked-on, a sort-of dictation of the hypnogagic hallucination experience. Nearer the onset of symptoms of my sleep disorder, I found more fascination in trying to capture the experience. These days, however: been there, done that– still– one never knows when such a thing might find its way into any of my texts. See denotative reference to “Hypnagagia”, or alt-spelling, “hypnogagia”, “hypnagogic”. Basically, these reference the state of consciousness which is neither asleep, nor awake. (e.g. the falling-from the cliff, jumping from the shoes thing, many people often describe: whereas, mine is quite drawn-out, and exaggerated, as to qualify– in and of itself– merely one symptom of a complex, comorbid syndrome. the trip-without-leaving-the-chair, either clairvoyant or coincidental enlightenment; quasi out-of-body experiences: you know, just every-day, fun-stuff at inoportune times, as surfaces most often at most mindless tasks, such as those from behind-the-wheel of a motor-vehicle, at traffic lights, etc.)