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“World Trade Center” – the Hollywood Movie

As much as the media exploits the human condition on a daily, if not per-second basis (or perhaps to more accurately pinpoint at least one specific vein of the Media, the advertising agencies of popular culture), i couldn’t help but feel particularly insulted when i first saw a TV commercial for the upcoming film release [i]World Trade Center[/i]

i could go on about this topic, but i want to just get it up here so i can look at it, and i’ll add more later (i actually had a full page written but took a break only to come back later to find i was logged out and i failed to copy paste the text into notepad for later retrieval– so it was lost).

A particularly offensive issue is the fact that Nicholas Cage is playing a lead role. We should ask ourselves, what is the point of this movie? If the film is supposed to ignite a feeling of solidarity amongst the citizens of the United States; if the film truly has purpose other than raising millions of dollars for Hollywood stars, why then do we need to deal with a Hollywood A-List actor in the lead role?

Isn’t it enough on the way to the bank to walk on the hearts of the many who lost loved ones on that tragic day? Must it be made so obvious that ticket sales are being solicited based on Cage’s “star-power”? It’s so affecting, that i’m not even sure yet what else to say about it.

i’d like to some others’ input on this issue.