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World Trade Center Part Two

My opinion on [URL=http://my.opera.com/jsabarese/blog/show.dml/373989]the forthcoming American Hollywood film, World Trade Center[/URL], has finally been further developed. I just noticed a moment ago only the second advertisement for the film since the first i saw, when i wrote [URL=http://my.opera.com/jsabarese/blog/show.dml/373989]my first entry on the subject[/URL] — almost exactly one week ago today. It’s that very time-lapse which helped me to see part of what bothers me about this film.

Okay, hear me out. Consider the following, and see what you think about it after doing so:
[*]We’ve got a film w/ Hollywood A-List actor, Nicholas Cage, coming out soon. Why aren’t there advertisements all over about this film?
[*]Is there a particular reason why the approach to advertising the film has been rather low-key?
[*]Is the advertising approach a bit surpressed? (meaning– is it only my imagination that the ads have been infrequent, or is it truly not in high-rotation?
[*]Assuming the ads are being supressed, why is there a recognition for a need to do so?

my own feelings on the matter are like this: if there’s nothing wrong or offensive about this film, then why hide it? it reminds me of someone going, uninvited, to a party with the intent to cause trouble. then, only after denying his appearance was in fact to stir trouble, he proceeds to do so anyway! is there an analogy there?

sooner or later, i’ll figure out how i feel about this, and have a much more easy time at writing about it. for now, it’s just at that “it bothers me” stage, and i’m still not quite sure why– so that’s why my commentary on the matter may seem a bit disjointed and unclear.