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Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

Weighted Anomaly Pervades Listening Enjoyment

Once in a while, I believe I have a good idea. Sometimes, I manage to pen some reference to it. The following is my attempt to record, in public forum, a music enthusiasts’ web site, at the URL, www.last.fm (or www.lastfm.com ).
:aside: Last.FM pioneered the technology known as AudioScrobbling, thereby perpetuating, if not spearheading the so-called “social-music”, whatever, revolution? Choose your favourite scent of bullshit, i guess? :aside:

handicapped, I, however by the limit of 1000 written characters imposed upon the Last.FM Shoutbox texts, as one such thought occurred to me, as I responded to the existing commentary of another user, identified there as “osmark”:

@osmark: i’d find it amusing, were it not so sad, that your point be so necessarily stated. I wonder over so much /proclaimed/ preference for music (herein specifically propagated; deliberate), the individual’s affinity for music and, consequently, those credited for the creation of it (e.g. performing musicians, artists, produced acts, etc.) — as with the sense of taste, and perhaps the olfactory sense as well– how does one come to dwell upon so much arbitrary news regarding his or her enjoyment of music. For example, if I find I enjoy some chocolate, I do not concern myself with more than my trust it is safe to consume [relatively speaking], and that I have practical means to obtain it, so I might enjoy it again. Likewise, if I detect a rancid odor, I require little outside opinion for deciding how I might react, as to move opposite its direction or cover my nose, while chemical science affords more options still. Music should affect us similarly, yet the weighted anomaly pervades.

osmark wrote: genre-wanking has to be one of the most banal and non-constructive form of debate circling the net. one thing is certain, there will always be disagreement and a colossal waste of time. a problem which can be solved by just listening to an artist and asking yourself this simple question: do I like it? then adding a follow up question if the first answer happened to be “yes”: do I give a donkeycock whether people call it emo if I like this music?