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Inspired by the Learners to Teach Something New

To Write a Book… it’s a wild thought, it’s certainly “nothing new” as it’s been the method for transference of knowledge throughout History, and from what i understand, it’s one of the most difficult projects one can complete in a lifetime. It’s also a very meaningful way to leave something of oneself behind for future generations. My experience and success as an Instructor in some way makes the task seem like a goal that i just might be able to reach, and that’s very inspiring to me.

So many times i’ve considered the idea of setting out to write an Alternative Instructional Method for Guitar, but i can barely get through the day and still have enough time to check my e-mail as it is– i can’t see myself ever getting around to it!

I’ve also had other ideas about interactive on-line Instructional Methods which I may some day attempt to employ as it would be, if nothing else, a great learning experience as both an Instructor and as a Web Developer.

My latest idea focuses not on Guitar, but on the idea of Learning to Learn — or Self-Education for the Aspiring Programmer, or something of that nature. The idea just came to me, so i’m going to need to let it grow a bit, but i’m excited about the idea– and I think it just might be something worth putting some time into. Stay tuned!