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Soon to bleed a little more “Blue & White”…

…yeah– into my bank account, yo!!

Unless you’re approaching Matriculation, Commencement, Employment, or the joys of a prolonged night of uninhibited pleasure with some fine young PSU hottie, then there isn’t a whole lot to get excited about around here when it comes to ‘the Big Blue’– especially if you consider yourself as a “Local”, or town-native. That said, I’m thrilled to announce that I am now an official Staff member of ol’ Joepa Joe Paterno’s own pride and joy– indeed, I could even consider myself a true beneficiary of the Nittany Lion enrollment!

Fortunate indeed to have been chosen for this role, a job which fits perfectly into the field which i’ve been practicing and studying with such fervor, it coincidentally places me in the very ‘College’ of the Pennsylvania State University from which I received my own Diploma. Employed with the official title of Web & Database Developer, by the College of Ed., i’ll be developing ColdFusion based web applications, and according to the job description, helping with other “general Network and IT duties around the College”. It’s a very exciting opportunity, and it couldn’t be closer to fitting into what i have been in pursuit of as a career path ever since my i officially resigned myself from the local Music Scene about a year ago.

Keep an eye out for updates on this situation– hopefully i’ll have news to report on it for a long time to come, but as it stands, there is no defined term of service, so although it is right-up-my-alley, as they say, it’s also a little on the precarious side. My best chances are to simply do an outstanding job, and to be an asset to the department– i suppose it’s no cryptic puzzle on how to make it last– but there also must be work enough to warrant the position. Hopefully, with the seemingly constant, rapid change in IT (and IT and Education), this is not a position which would become obsolete any time soon. So, in other words– as long as i don’t mess it up somehow, i think i’m set! woo hooo! now, how about a nice round of applause? ;)