What's on your Brain.

Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

Ingested vs Symptomatic Lethargy

Revisit the Substitute
falsehood as femme
freedom imposed
li’l miss Leading
laid lying in agony
distanced belief in golden hex
true ruler of requisite rejoining

Sister Lethargy
kin companion
most remarkable in absentia
creeping death
here maybe referenced
or by King Celluloid
counts in translation for 1,985 feline eyes.
Sister cloaked waning stranger
no shadow of the Leader
foreign keeper of palace
sleeper at Barrymore Inn.

Symptomatic, she appears overhead:
blunt object
strike skull matter
bury it into well
trained synapse
Sister Mistress bleeds
his broken brain

Masochist bitch
render the unhealthy
most deliberate relationship.

(dictated, but not read)