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HTML <head profile="">

Keep a Profile: It’s a good habit!
Head Profile Attribute
(no, I didn’t say, “keep a low profile”! that would only apply to those shady developers out there. hmm…. maybe that’s you, and me anyway… ha!)

But Seriously…
Let’s have a look at your Profile

the <head> attribute profile should be used by any author who wishes to have a more complete information listing attached to his or her web design / development work.

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  2. know it
  3. live it

enhance your web site public info, or Profile through a Profile.html document, which is referenced by Search Engines and other information repositories.

profile.html : is what?

often found as part of the <head> tag, the reference to the profile.html file can theoretically increase a web site’s search engine rank, or SEO, because it affords the web content author more area in which to place descriptive MetaData.

Think of the <head profile=" " profile attribute as a sort of complement to a microsummary. However, since there are no prescribed formats for the profile attribute, I recommend you use it in addition to

the <head> tag. HTML Tags. HTML Quick, by Diego Ponce de León. Available at http://www.htmlquick.com/reference/tags/head.html#tagattributes .