What's on your Brain.

Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

Been through the Blues, the Maintenance, the Shrinks.

…’ been through what they script
how largely, it stinks.

REMBR, or Dont forget, these are well wishes:
go forth with vigor;
forever, embrace it.*

To: Tom
From: Santa
RE: six-string bant’a

Christmas Prose
for these and those:

Pie in my kerchief!
Tom, of Fine ilk:
I settle down: not
unlike warmed milk.

Happy Holidays!
That’s right, bro’a,
dab smack in the middle
Aside, I ain’t jackin’:
Fiddle n’ drum up the attic
Don’t dabble to smack

“Any who”: such poor dialect
piss-poor for a phrase
so easy and
easily so
go do better
than god damn dazed
whose naughty
only shades of grey
no worse decision made
know the weather
rooster atop the vane
smack dab in there
dopey metaphor
dope for “End of Days”

Cornflake Especially
road-in on a horse
take no turn
but a better cheek
par for the course
roll out rock star
carry no weight
never too soon

Get it all straight.

Let it be.
go by the wayside,
poor dialogue past tense
“gag me with a spoon”,
“Aww, gnarly!”
Don’t slip:
Slide it away.
Most Awful shit!

In the Biblical sense,
awful, it is probably not.
Ah, but then and again
i depress.

Surely, I Digress,
I do, likewise. I’ve worn that dress.

Got Holiday shit on my shoe!
May I wipe it?…
I wipe it on you!

Metaphor and years,
and snow, man:
Like elvin toys.
they all wind-up


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