What's on your Brain.

Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

“About Me”

Scientia potentia est
“I know why”
I want you too

I am patience in woman
I am power in man

Too late for news,
why hesitate
in Truth or Rhyme
for Thespian Hate
What mind once was, recall
six strings
siren lured
but vacuous succession

one sOna [US]
cued up
calibrated E-Nation

Once upon a time
in Eabreaetion,
dozens, they did say,
for every dime.
The madness, the riot
i risk to be so crass
Youth is NOT emptiness
yet truths there are
few more truths be true
to emptied soul
damning full
fools lost loves last as long
as pour another glass.

For your entertainment
for example, I am not here.
For the Love, however, we share

It appears to me that I am nothing,
if not persistent
at times; at least:
In lengthy session.


I believe in Fantasy:
perhaps twisted
the erotic mind is local
spiritual and vital

“She’s the one who keeps the dream alive…”

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§ copied from last.fm profile, mine, user PSU_Strummer §