What's on your Brain.

Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

Time is on Your Side

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let this text be the answer you’ve awaited. Relax, for this people search begs to expedite this minutia of people processing. All that is not in momentum for the betterment of greater goals, I wish to identify, understand, assess, and execute solutions, congruent with your mission statement, the general morale, the company pride, honoring the people who make up what I presume is a hard-working, motivated, educated team.

Bring in the cold beverages!Send the 8:00 AM means 8:15 and a far-out excuse-guy. He’s had more sleep than the others. Sure, he needs a $5, but you’re in a good mood. No sweat. Get comfortable! Beware the wobbly chair. No pop-quiz; no tardy bell.


If I have your attention, my story, I’d like to tell: W-W-W, what? Not CSS. Not JavaScript. ColdFusion nurses a black eye, leveled hard by ROI. IT does not thrive on 20-year old standards. IT is a praxis moving like a hurricane. Do something, or don’t, but get out of their way! Not without a struggle, and not without a fight: Evolution explodes, as such it must be right.

Listen as you might, it doesn’t make a sound. But what about the guy behind this Cover Letter? Some joker, probably doesn’t even know the difference between a Class and Class-clown! Indeed, I’ve worn that hat. You are fortunate for the diverse set of skills I bring to the table. Let us engage that topic during an interview.

Mick Jagger once told us of Time being on our side. Time is not our friend, but we need not perceive it as our enemy. Time will pass, as a function of the processes of success. Efficient management of time, and time-consuming tasks delegated across a well tempered team of people is utterly critical, when we mean to get ahead of the Jones’s– not only with IT concerns, but as our lifestyles become– daily– more concerned with the business, logistics, broadband coverage, off-peak use and archaic lingo; concerned for who, or what entity is most deserving a faith; a contract; a continuing relationship of trust that never will there come transfixed in the convenience, the status-symbol worship, the immediate delivery. it is the veritable belief that life without IT is no life at all.

With my experience, and your vision, I am certain our teamwork will produce favorable results. I look forward to speaking with you. Should we meet the fortune to work together on the same team, I assure you will be pleased for my dedication, relevant experience, quality of skill as educator, and cordial, friendly demeanor. With respectful salutations, Mr. J Sabarese, Oakley Drive, Park Forest, 16803 Tele: 814 954 0506