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Giving Reason: Appropriating Rhyme

Have you ever felt impending doom?
Have you ever considered what, will be dead soon… ?

RECOGNIZE, & please, Understand:
the following are excerpts; fair-use of copyrighted works,
placed here for entertainment, moreover as an educational exposition,
not as mere whimsy;
But these are those which bear down
Upon I, as I know
all this upon yours too,
losing mind,
and more:
Eh… what’s it to you?
Nothing, I know
more than this;
more than these
and those, which I’ve failed
To place alongside.

Be well, friend. I’m afriaid
We haven’t much time
to go on rambling.
So on with it then!
On with nonsense?

Here, taste this:
It’s “excerpt of rhyme”.
Truly, the Wheat Grass Juiced.
— © 2013, J.Sabarese (MODIFIED_by_JS_2013-02-26_111202)
— All other material is © each respective artist, or artist agency. None of the material here may be reproduced in any manner without permission; direction from J. Sabarese, author of Whats On Your Brain™

What follows will be SOMETHING borrowed (appropriation, not really, so much as mere excerpt, for appropriation implies– technically– the use of an existing work, in some manner such that it is no longer the same work. This, I do not believe I have done so, here! As such, let the “excerpt” be your revere)


311 – Beautiful Disaster

Today seems like a good day
To burn a bridge or two

4 Non Blondes – Drifting

Dropped another pill just to find me
Reached for my hand
but it was already there

Can’t follow me
You won’t expect the illusion you’ll see
“It’s my imagination”

“You’ll fell a little better…”

Dropped another pill just to kill me..

Alice Cooper – You and Me

…we share a bed
some loving
and TV
That’s enough for a working man
But, what I am is what I am

Alice Cooper – Only Women Bleed

she cries alone, at night, too often

A Perfect Circle – Pet

Lay your head down child
I won’t let the boogeyman come

Blind Melon (Shannon Hoone) – The Duke

Sunny, so funny, not funny to me
Because, I’m bearing the scars from it
burning on me

Cold, “Just Got Wicked”

Everyone got twisted up
Everyone got behind my back
And broke it

I can’t explain
this Little Man
Taking Over
Can’t explain the way that I feel

Coheed and Cambria, “The Light & the Glass”

Memories roll in
Of the things you once did
And who you had shared them with
Is somebody thinking of you

Did I bother telling you this
With the words that cross teeth and jump lips?

A poor choice of words
In wanting to tell you anything
But words don’t come with ease
They’re forever my hurt

Would it really matter
If you were to count the days left with your hands?

I’ve been cautious with the words I extend
Allow this year before the world starts to end

Pray for us all.

Coheed and Cambria – A Favor House Atalantic

…call you when the time is right:
“Are you In?
[or Are you Out?]”

Disturbed by your words [and]
They’re calling-all-cars

Chris Cornell / Soundgarden

Title: “Black Hole Sun”
Album: SuperUnknown

Hang my head, drown my fear
Till you all just disappear

David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes

Time and again: I tell myself
“I’ll stay clean tonight!”

oh no,
not again.

one flash of light
…no smoking-pistol

David Bowie – Big Brother

… should we
powder our noses?

lord i’d take an overdose
if i knew what’s going down

David Bowie – Cracked Actor

Made a bad connection ’cause I
Just want your sex

Crack, baby, crack
show me you’re real
Smack, baby, smack
It’s all that you feel

David Bowie – I’m Afraid of Americans

I’m afraid of the worst
I’m afraid I can’t help it

David Bowie – Life on Mars?

Tell my mother,

David Bowie – Moonage Daydream

Make me, baby!
Make me know you really care.
Make me jump into the air.

David Bowie – Quicksand

Don’t deceive with belief
Knowledge comes with death’s release

I’m not a prophet or a stone age man
Just a mortal with the potential of a superman
I’m living onR
I’m tethered to the logic of Homo Sapien
Can’t take my eyes from the great salvation
Of bullshit faith
If I don’t explain what you ought to know
You can tell me all about it
On the next Bardo
I’m sinking in the quicksand of my thought
And I ain’t got the power anymore

David Bowie – Sweet Thing

Is it nice in your Snow Storm?

David Bowie — Time

And Quuaaludes
And Red Wine
Take your Time
we should be on by now…

Daisy Chainsaw (Katiejane Garside) – Hope Your Dreams Come True

It’s good to feel
so good
Now I pay a high price
to feel nothing at all

Dinosaur Jr – Even You

i do anything if anything won’t come too late
not the best way to set things straight
no discussion could improve this
Gonna be a pain to lose this

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (are Made Of This)

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am i to disagree?…

Elvis Costello – Alison

Sometimes I wish that I could stop you from talking
when I hear the silly things that you say

Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl) – Staked Actors

You look so messy when you dress up in dreams.
One more for hire, a wonderful liar,
I think it’s time that I should come clean.

Stack dead actors, stacked to the rafters,
Line up the bastards all I want is the truth.

The Flaming Lips – The Gash (“Battle Hymn for the Wounded Mathematician”)

Is that gash in your leg
Really why you have stopped?
‘Cause I’ve noticed all the others
Though they’re gashed, they’re still going
‘Cause I feel like the real reason
That you’re quitting, that you’re admitting
That you’ve lost all the will to battle on

Will the fight for our sanity
Be the fight of our lives?
Now that we’ve lost all the reasons
That we thought that we had

Still the battle that we’re in
Rages on till the end

Ian Hunter (and Mick Ronson) – Boy

you’re getting out of hand
You’ve got to make a stand
So put the coke away

aggravates me so
Boy its the Hudson East river cruise
Its the Empire State buffoons
Oh you know the story well

The carnival is closed
Your street’s alive with ghosts
But a friend says don’t look back

Cheer up mate put the dramas in the past
See you did not have to fast
Euphemism lasts and lasts and lasts…

play the pipes till they’re old and worn

Jane’s Addiction — So What!

spoken:“What a night, huh?…. Almost makes you not want to back to work…. Don’t Go! Don’t go!”

Man ain’t meant to work
C’mon build a machine!

SO WHAT! that’s my conclusion.
I think
I’m gonna
Dig myself now…

Jimi Hendrix – Burning of the Midnight Lamp

All my lonliness
I have felt today

And I continue
to burn the midnight lamp

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Fuck Shit Up

Stick with sluts
Spill your guts
Make it fucked up

Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

Out On the wily, windy moors
We’d roll and fall in green.
You had a temper like my jealousy;
Too hot, too greedy.

How could you leave me
When I needed to
Possess you?

…It’s me…I’ve come home
I’m so cold.
Let me into your window…

…It’s me…I’ve come home…

Kim Deal / The Breeders – Hag

You dirty switch,
You’re on again

…like a woman,

just like a woman
You’re on again

Lo Fidelity Allstars – Battleflag

Your construction
Smells of corruption

I said Hallelujah!
to the sixteen loyal fans.
You all get down on your mother-fucking knees!

Tell me is it time to get down
on your mother-fucking knees?
Tell me is it time to get down?

I’m blown to the maximum

Come on baby, tell me!
Yes, we aim to please.

M Jackson, “Earth Song”

I used to dream
I used to glance beyond the stars
Now I don’t know where we are
Although I know…
We drift apart!

Modest Mouse – Polar Opposites

Polar opposites don’t push away
It’s the same on the weekends
as the rest of the days
And I know I should go
but I will probably stay
And that’s all you can do
about some things

I’m trying,
im trying
to drink away the part of the day
That I cannot sleep away…

Marcy Playground – Opium

I’m so happy
So happy [ohhohh oh]
I’m in heaven
Yeah heaven [ohhohh oh]

Marcy Playground – Pigeon Farm

If you could see in my eyes
I’ll show you darling, surprise
There is a place
There is a fortune
I want to share it with my friends.

Marcy Playground, “Wave Motion Gun”

Soon there’ll be no pain again
You’ll feel like yourself again
When you shoot all your heroin

Marcy Playground – Sherry Frasier

We’re all wondering
When will you come back
And play…some day.
Sherry yeah
The mad hatter he waits for Alice
To come to tea again
He waits forever for his old lover
And always wonderin’
Will I see stars falling all around your head
When you return

Marcy Playground – Vampires Of New York

:aside, not a lyric; a note: anyM.P. is fine with me, ususally, however I present particularly…

Come see the vampires of New York
Come lose your mind in Central Park
But don’t leave your soul behind
Come take in 8th street after dark
Such peculiar people you’ll remark
You might even see a murder

And all the whores on Bleecker Street
They wear the blissful grin
Caused by the drugs they take
To relieve them of their sins

And “oh lord I think she’s dying”
I heard somebody say
I think she’s dying
And “oh oh lord I think she’s dying”

Or maybe she’s already dead
And maybe she’s gone to Mars
Maybe we could even write
Her epitaph in the stars
It’d say “If you go away from here…
If you go a million miles…”
Come down town

Nirvana (Kurt Cobain) – Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle

Web Log Author Note:

First of all, it’s no secret that Kurt Cobain did struggle with heroin addiction, at least. In the case of the song lyrics cited, this happens to be the first I’ve listened clearly enough to find them remarkable; relevant.

As far as I can tell
they’ve got it all wrong, elsewhere. Regarding the lyrics, I believe this is, at least, a three-person cast, with narrator, as in the following:

I always thought the chorus lyric, to be: “…I miss the comfort in being sane…” ( as the Patient’s voice, on disclosure of symptoms)

however, whether “ sane ” , or as stated elsewhere, “ sad ” , I believe it is not really much matter, either way, to the whole.

It’s so soothing

Doctor (to self):
I know that you’ll sue me

Patient (to self):
It’s starting to sound the same

[ __ ___ __ ] witness, we hope you’re still with us
Nurse, aside: see if they float or drown

My favoruite patient!

Patient (to self):
A display of patience, ’cause he’s got a pill to sell.

She come back: he’s fired. Burned all the liars†. Leave a blanket of ash on the ground.

† probably medical records, in general. perhaps something more as in logs of experimental, rehabilitative pharmaceuticals and the test subjects, as Buprenex (UK) in context of this lyric [later approved as Subutex / Suboxone, USA] for treatment of opiate dependency. (i.e. I’ve seen a Medical Center be burned to the ground; witnessed a similar, circumstantial destruction.)
(e.g. this is the rigmarole, and behaviour of doctors in the maintenance shtick. )

Pink Floyd – Dogs

it’s too late
to lose the weight
you used to need
to throw down

Peal Jam – Corduroy

The waiting drove me mad

[oh], and I must refuse your test

I don’t want to be held in your debt
I’ll pay it off in blood

Soul Coughing – Mr. Bitterness

:aside: anything by M. Doughty’s Soul Coughing tends to be of quality lyrical imagery evocative, etc…

She says, “You keep a knocking, But you can’t come in”,
and I say “Little Sister,
don’t you do what your Big Sister does”

Sarah Mclachlan – Angel

memories flow from my veins

Don’t make no difference
escape one last time
it’s easier to believe

Tool – Third Eye

[Think for yourself…
Question authority… ]

I’ve missed you so much

Came here to watch you play
Why are you running away?

Tubeway Army – You Are In My Vision

The wreckage of a hero
lies broken in a corner
and everyone pretends
they’d like to live that way

Clutch – Careful with that Mic…

Both you and I know the past ten years have been rather intense
I’m ashamed to admit I’ve been fooled by the seductions of violence
People walking around with ugly auras
At times I’m even tempted to seek the advice of Dr. Laura
But I ignore her

Tripping Daisy – Prick

Oh brother
Brother can I see you now
My brother
It’s been too long since
you’ve been away brother

Porno For Pyros – Sadness

I got the Devil in me!

Tripping Daisy – High

Step on God
He can take it man
He’s the one
I can look through when I’m down
He’s the only for me when I’m High
He’s the only one for when I die
Well, I can’t forgive him for every word he said
Well, I’m standing at the hill…

Step on the earth
It can give a man
It’s the only the one for me when I die
Give it all
In the early morning
Stick and stones they cry for me
when I’m high
Well I can’t remember every word he said
When I’m standing here just looking through the air
And I can’t forget the times they’ve gone away

Third Eye Blind – Losing A Whole Year

I remember you and me used to spend
the whole damned day in bed

Lying in your room we’d lay like dogs
The phone would ring like a joke that’s left unsaid

Your voice sounds like money and your face is cute
But your daddy left you with no love
You touch everything with a velvet glove and
Now you want to try a life of sin
You want to be down with the down and in

Always copping my truths
I kind of get the feeling like I’m being used

And now I realize you never heard
One goddamned thing I ever said

The Flaming Lips – The Spiderbite Song

A million to one
that you would survive such a crashI was glad that it didn’t destroy you.
How sad that would be.
Cause if it destroyed you,
It would destroy me.

When you fell in love, it was so sweet

And I was glad that it didn’t destroy you

Tom Waits – Innocent When You Dream

It’s memories that i’m stealing….

Tom Waits – Please Call Me, Baby

If i exorcise my devils
Well my angels may leave too
When they leave they’re so hard to find

Tom Waits : Take It With Me : Mule Variations [1999]

The phone’s off the hook,
no one knows where we are
It’s a long time since I drank champagne(2)
The ocean is blue,
as blue as your eyesI’m gonna take it with me when I go

Old long since gone,
now way back when
We in Coney Island(3)
There ain’t no good thing ever dies

I’m gonna take it with me when I go

Always for you,
and forever yours
It felt just like the old days
We fell asleep on Beaula’s porch(4)

I’m gonna take it with me when I go

All broken down
by the side of the road
I was never more alive or alone
I’ve worn the faces off all the cards

I’m gonna take it with me when I go

It’s got to be more than flesh and bone
All that you’ve loved is all you own

In a land there’s a town,
and in that town there’s a house
And in that house there’s a woman
And in that woman there’s a heart I love

I’m gonna take it with me when I go

I’m gonna take it with me when I go

Written by: Tom Waits and Kathleen Waits-Brennan
Published by: Jalma Music (ASCAP), © 1999

Official release: Mule Variations, Anti Inc., 1999
Arrangements and lyrics published in “Tom
Waits – Mule Variations
” (Amsco Publications, 2000)

Tom Waits, “Who Are You?”

How do your pistol, and your Bible,
and your sleeping-pills go?
Are you still jumping-out-of-windows
in Expensive Clothes?

Well, I fell In Love
with your Sailor’s Mouth,
and your Wounded Eyes.

You’d better get down on the floor.
Don’t you know this is war?

Tell me Who are You, this time?

Weezer – Pink Triangle

might have smoked a few in my time
would never thought it was a crime
knew the day would surely come
when i’d chill and settle down
when i think i’ve found a good old fashioned girl
then she put me in my place
everyone’s a little queer
why can’t she be a little straight?

i’m dumb she’s a lesbian
i thought i had found the one

Weezer, “Butterfly”

Maybe I need fantasy
Life of chasing butterfly
I’m sorry for what I did