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Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

Words to Live By

“ Re: Jane’s Addiction…. man, I used to live by that code… you know, shit Perry said, in all those songs, and Live, and… whatever.

I was actually going to ask if you’ve ever seen their early film “Soul Kiss”, circa 1988. The latter film “Gift”, or “the Gift” (Perry Ferrell & Casey Nicoli [sp?]), which is a pseudo-chronicle of the making of Ritual… that’s good too, but kind of painful to watch nowadays. Like you said, they “used to be”.

I dunno– being an artist, I have a hard time giving up on others. So, I still dig it. Nothing’s Shocking, man– it never gets old to me. All that shit– i could listen to it, as new… somehow. Makes me feel young again. Such youth there… kind of like what Bowie, i think, is saying a lot of times… about Youth, the power therein, the yearning after it… I mean, look at Perry these days– he still seems like a kid, in some ways.

That’s what i mean, about living by that code, etc… ”

(something written to a friend, regarding some conversation over Dave Navarro, Jane’s Addiction, etc., which I wanted to remember)