What's on your Brain.

Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

Return Without Rhyme: a Reasonable Account

The key lies
in the capture. Here,
I would for you.
Let it come.
Let it be true.
Here, not unbeknown, yet unlike
Your talk of effort’s fare.

Account of it
how owned this debt
analogous, it’s true
topple the tables, for it accrues!
Delinquent sinner, carry account:
Conscience disclosure, what?
Insignificance and counting
produce another number
petty Statement
Immutable Human condition
Pathos: scapegoat, or laughing stock?
Catharsis, this
cathartics due.

Cryptic as pathetic truths
To beat around the bush
what hands might carry
behind the back
flow over if they do.

Hypnogagia be not clandestine
violence cellar down stair rolls
sudden cliff under the feet
“fell from the chair”, not quite a dream;
Some thing real, I see.
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All true, as I render
what may be told
Ear to the ground
here, while on hold.

That preface
for my face
for better reckoning
extra-phenom traced

Not as a cradle
nor a babe, nor lulled
thorny passage
felled consciousness through

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