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Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?

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  • Where is my mind?

    Not be confused with the notion of a “Dream” (e.g. as some notion of a life-goal, such as “my dream is to be”, AND not be be confused with those fantasies humans experience while sleeping), let us consider here short-term goals, or our more whimsical notions of what we believe might result in our own…

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  • Return Without Rhyme: a Reasonable Account

    The key lies in the capture. Here, I would for you. Let it come. Let it be true. Here, not unbeknown, yet unlike Your talk of effort’s fare. Account of it how owned this debt analogous, it’s true topple the tables, for it accrues! Delinquent sinner, carry account: Conscience disclosure, what? Insignificance and counting produce…

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