What's on your Brain. Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?


Something About a G & L ASAT Guitar (as Avatar)

I laugh at my bullshit mouth sometimes, and sometimes i share with you. In this case, i do both. My text; an excerpt from elsewhere follows:

“...your report inspires contemplation. more imagery, i should share. not unselfish, to complete requisite tasks; collect relevant imagery, and arrange for sensible viewing, etc., i may dismiss the effort. the poignant affect of retrospection precludes indulgence. (get busy living, or, get busy cleaning: stellar paths, these are forked at the ominous singularity. collision of opposing forces; dodging shrapnel)...”

§ Later, portions of this text were crafted into something more §

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  1. long are the spaces
    shadowing “in-
    between” dreams
    …or so it seems

    shatter brilliantly

    washed up
    with the
    and what
    used to
    be me

    *take all the shore you can leave
    going under, just to achieve

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