What's on your Brain. Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?


Fools Guild Spare Change

I am surprised by my own excitement to muster a proper salutation, as I wonder how I might most readily turn your imagination toward my immediate, yet developing fascination with what I perceive of [it]. I recognize in the cyclical, independent / interdependent nature of [its "components"], or [that is], the individual [parts] ; your model. I might best describe it as-- at once, a fantastic, vivid understanding between such multidisciplinary men, (which I mean boldly as I write to yeild in You what visceral sensation I might by the power in these meager words) -- maintaining yet a single-mindedness, not conversely or to be forcibly persuasive, that such cohesive vision renders a magnanimous ingenuity. I am reminded of the cardinal schemes my peers and I did construct, I believe were likewise flowing. Ostracized for "Gifted" stigmata, then far more fortunate for the fellowship we made, we dreamed of efforts to end Cold War. Somehow-- as I am reminded by this glimpse into the brainstorm of ____, this moment i lapse in retrospection, I fondly recall the uncommon beauty, and unstoppable force-- from the several individuals, the magical synergy between them, at marked points in a continuing progression, manifests in a cohesive, flowing, collective creativity, the rare likes of which, whether serendipitously or deliberately, have changed the world nevertheless.

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