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Easy Text to Image:
Anywhere text can be selected!


The versatile, no-cost to you, image viewer: IrfanView

If you ever need or want to capture text as an image, just highlight the text, copy it to the clipboard, and past it into IrfanView.


Highlight the text you want as an image. Open IrfanView. Select Edit from the main toolbar, and Paste should be the only option available. Select paste and the text you've highlighted will appear as an image in IrfanView, as shown in this illustration:

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HTML <head profile="">

Keep a Profile: It's a good habit!
Head Profile Attribute
(no, I didn't say, “keep a low profile”! that would only apply to those shady developers out there. hmm.... maybe that's you, and me anyway... ha!)

But Seriously...
Let's have a look at your Profile

the <head> attribute profile should be used by any author who wishes to have a more complete information listing attached to his or her web design / development work.

  1. learn it
  2. know it
  3. live it

enhance your web site public info, or Profile through a Profile.html document, which is referenced by Search Engines and other information repositories.

profile.html : is what?

often found as part of the <head> tag, the reference to the profile.html file can theoretically increase a web site's search engine rank, or SEO, because it affords the web content author more area in which to place descriptive MetaData.

Think of the <head profile=" " profile attribute as a sort of complement to a microsummary. However, since there are no prescribed formats for the profile attribute, I recommend you use it in addition to

the <head> tag. HTML Tags. HTML Quick, by Diego Ponce de León. Available at http://www.htmlquick.com/reference/tags/head.html#tagattributes .

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Seeking WordPress Plugin:
Rapid View of Pages and Posts – an Admin Feature

I'm looking for a wordPress add-on which essentially gives a link from within the "Manage Pages" view to: "View Page Now" so that, rather than clicking "view site", and then navigating away from the list of existing pages to that particular page, the author might simply view that page -- perhaps in a new tab. The idea is to avoid having to move back and forth from the Manage Pages view which, depending upon server response, can be time consuming.

This would be quite like the preview that exists under the textarea of the standard WordPress Write Post editor view, yet only without the editor itself-- so as to save having to scroll to the bottom each time. Ultimately it's for saving time-- so one can peruse one's posts / pages more rapidly.

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Mozilla Add-on: Bettersearch – Natural D Enhancement

Not only does BetterSearch enhance Google, but it does a helluva job with Del.icio.us as well-- in fact, it's a goshdarn Must Have!

BetterSearch : Firefox XPI
Seamonkey is not compatible with the BetterSearch XPI add-on extension. What can be done to hack that suckka, and have 'er working with Seamonkey 1.1x+?
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Web Developers Wield the Power of Seamonkey

Enhanced Bookmark Search
Double-check this, as it may actually be included with xSidebar by default, so adding it might be redundant, and perhaps-- harmful... we shall see.
View Source With
Is this really needed when i've got Web Developer extension? well-- yes, and no-- it makes for a nice little addition, i think. there is definitely something different about VSW than the "view source with" element of the WebDev xpi itself.
WebMail & Co.

I've no idea yet what this extension does, but i have installed it (probably not the first time, but what the hell--- i still don't know what it is!)

WebMail is used to enabled the following extensions, which were also installed subsequently.

  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo!
Save as Image
The name says it all, though this one should be ‘double-checked’, as i have yet to make it work on the ol' Munk-Monque.
Aardvark is the best-kept secret…, or should i say ‘worst advertised dev aide’ ever!?
Reload Every X [chron]
for reloading your pages, per request n stuff... might be nicey nicey for something like... hmmm... home pages which are updated? ... i dunno actually what this is good for to be honest!
Check it!
Tab X
Just like Racer-X, Tab-X looks out for Speed Racer, and helps him out of a jam when he gets in a snag.
Config Date
Just like the Thunderbird hickeydoo...
Clone Window
Clone Window is one of those Mozilla Extensions which you might not recognize right away that it's working, but once you get the idea, you'll find it's pretty cool.

The function of Clone Window is only realized when the browser user opens a new Browser Window. When the new window opens, it doesn't open a blank, or home-page, but a Clone of that window / tab which was the current view in the active-window when the user decided to open a new window. If you were viewing Gmail, for example, then opened a new Window (with Clone Window installed), that new Window would open at the URL of Gmail where the user was located in the previous Window. Pretty cool!

Fire FTP
FireFTP for seamonkey, baby! woo hoo!
Execute JavaScript

Enhances the JavaScript console such that JS can be executed arbitrarily

Seamonkey Showcase
View all of your open shit in a new tabbed window. i believe this extension author also offers "dual sidebar". check the delicious tag- firefox:speeddial , an extension for Firefox which emulates the Opera "Speed Dial" ditty
Tab Menu Item
Page through tabs with this menu item
Date Picker
Calendar in the bottom right corner w/ a calendar view
User Agent Switcher
This is a ChrisPederick.com creation.
Unhide Pwds
Speaks for itself

some sort of tabbed browsing extension which claims to be the basis on which the mozilla / Firefox tabbed browsers were formed.
See multizilla developer at multizilla.mozdev.org for more info on this what seems like a maililng list manager extension?
the dirty deed. done. dirt cheap too.
Image Shack Right-click
Not sure what the hell it is or does, and i don't (at the time of posting) have an ImageShack account-- but what the hell-- it sounded promising!
What others have worked well with SeaMonkey?

(click for screen-cap)

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HTML Editor HomeSite:
Find Matching HTML Tags

Ever need to find matching tags in your xhtml or html sourcecode (or PHP source-code wherein there's some HTML tags as well), remember that the good ol' perfect mcPerfectson html editor, HomeSite, does in fact have Find Matching Tag as a built-in function.

HomeSite: Find Matching Tags

HomeSite+ 5.5, distributed with Macromedia Studio MX 2004 as a supplemental software application-- marketed toward ColdFusion programmers, is still one of the best, most robust Web Development IDE's on the planet.

Some of the best features of HomeSite+ 5.5 are listed here:

  • Find Matching Tags
  • Find Matching Braces (with add-on script available on-line)
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