What's on your Brain. Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?


OMG Means “Oh My Greedy!”

Take a look at this web site.

It's the perfect example of what to do if you aren't genius enough to develop and sell your own software, nor are you satisfied with the money you make from advertisers buying space on your web site.

Take a look up, from down here in the gutter, at Easy Street and all of those who mill about there. Must be some good-time to be had by all there!

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a very late response to the future of the Shamrock Shake–

(note:this is actually meant to be a "Comment" to the previous ramblings back on St.Patricks day)

See the problem with the Shamrock shake is, it needs to be updated to the 21st century to make it popular with the "X" generation--- First-- lets start with the name "Shamrock shake"-- it has potential but has dulled over the years. What it needs is that modern pizazz-- you know like--- "the Shamrock EXTREME" or "the SUPER ULTRA Shamrock EXPERIENCE" or "the Shamrock BLASTATION" , or to a lesser extent, "New and Improved, 20% bigger, 15% less fat, 100% real juice, 10% more free, extra strength, great new tasting, shamrock shake with extra cleaning power and scrubbing bubbles"-- Anyway, you get the idea. Next lets take the shake itself. It was always kind of faded green and tasted really like vanilla (was it just vanilla was green food coloring???-- hmmmm??) Thats just not going to cut it in todays kicked up a notch world. (BAM!)-- thats an emeril reference for all you food network fans--- anyway, make it like ELECTRIC, glow in the dark, explosion green,.......with SPRINKLES---It has to scream at you from across the parking lot-- HEY IM FRIGGIN GREEN DAMMIT--- And they need to invent a flavor for it that is a 21st century mixture of crazy fruit you never hear of like-- Snozberry/nukefruit. Put it in a cup that has scratch n sniff lucky charms marshmellows and their you have it. A NEW St Paddys day Sensation--- So if you listening McDonalds-- make it the "Pump up the JAMrock shake" and we will all again come running in early march every year. Oh, and teach Hamburgaler to snowboard--- thats hip now too-- Alec j OUT!

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‘Free’ your image viewing possibilities!

If you've been searching for a way to make some sense of a lot of images, graphics, photos, etc (and other media) on your HDD(s), then you should definitely consider XnView... i was about to say consider "purchasing XnView" and then i realized... it's FREE!!

That's right, not only is XnView one of the coolest image media sorting / viewing application available, it's also very inexpensive to use.

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Are you an aspiring Independent Film Producer; a Singer, Musician, or Songwriter? Then show us your Stuff!

STOP! Read this important message before exercising your privilege to share your thoughts:

Have you ever wondered why you can listen to amazing, high-quality mp3's, but you never see any similar technology available to record yourself and junior banging out fresh original music on the tuba and dulcimer in your own basement?

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