What's on your Brain. Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?


Soon to bleed a little more “Blue & White”…

...yeah-- into my bank account, yo!!

Unless you're approaching Matriculation, Commencement, Employment, or the joys of a prolonged night of uninhibited pleasure with some fine young PSU hottie, then there isn't a whole lot to get excited about around here when it comes to ‘the Big Blue’-- especially if you consider yourself as a "Local", or town-native. That said, I'm thrilled to announce that I am now an official Staff member of ol' Joepa Joe Paterno's own pride and joy-- indeed, I could even consider myself a true beneficiary of the Nittany Lion enrollment!

Fortunate indeed to have been chosen for this role, a job which fits perfectly into the field which i've been practicing and studying with such fervor, it coincidentally places me in the very ‘College’ of the Pennsylvania State University from which I received my own Diploma. Employed with the official title of Web & Database Developer, by the College of Ed., i'll be developing ColdFusion based web applications, and according to the job description, helping with other "general Network and IT duties around the College". It's a very exciting opportunity, and it couldn't be closer to fitting into what i have been in pursuit of as a career path ever since my i officially resigned myself from the local Music Scene about a year ago.

Keep an eye out for updates on this situation-- hopefully i'll have news to report on it for a long time to come, but as it stands, there is no defined term of service, so although it is right-up-my-alley, as they say, it's also a little on the precarious side. My best chances are to simply do an outstanding job, and to be an asset to the department-- i suppose it's no cryptic puzzle on how to make it last-- but there also must be work enough to warrant the position. Hopefully, with the seemingly constant, rapid change in IT (and IT and Education), this is not a position which would become obsolete any time soon. So, in other words-- as long as i don't mess it up somehow, i think i'm set! woo hooo! now, how about a nice round of applause? ;)

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Discover your Style: Themes, Custom CSS, and your own Index.php

EDIT; NOTE: This, i-authored-bit of non-wit is as ancient as near 2005!
Can you believe it? It’s true!
Incredulous? Don’t let me raise your attention, only to let you down:
this edit bit,
it’s merely a remark upon the passage of time,
that the readers’ awareness might extrapolate from that
beyond the past-context. Be well, and read-on, regardless! Why not?
As author,
from his retrospective point-of-view,
currently 2013,
not the mathematical genius, I’m thinking about seven-
what? TV’s “Blossom” had Six, not years.
I bid thee adieu.


Placing a considerably remarkable amount of emphasis on my goal to compile a Pocket Reference as i've come to name my new Web Log, I have been working with the presentation section of the Dashboard (of this WordPress software) quite a bit. I'm really impressed with a lot of the themes available. In the case of my previous blog, the root WP instance at whatsonyourbrain.com was the first WordPress, moreover, the the first blog i had ever experimented with, so although i was excited to experiment with the available themes, and facinated by their seamless integration-- as if they were meant to be there as part of the available styles (we know this isn't the case, as the available themes are typically authored by other WP users)-- i was really more concerned with just getting into the dashboard and learning how to author content in a blog.

Now that I have a little experience with the matter of blogging, and WordPress (1.5 & 2.x) particularly, i decided that i was going to spend more time on my theme for the Pocket Reference. I downloaded all of the available themes (and styles, including the WP Style Switcher plugin component) available at the web site of WordPress, CSS, PHP, web developer guru, Alex King. I thought it was going to be quite the time consuming effort to d/l and install all of those themes, but i found a way to do it in no time at all by using the Firefox Extension, Flashgot in conjunction with Free Download Manager, two extraordinarily useful free utilities for download management. Once I extracted all of the themes from the .zip archives in which they are delivered, to install them in this WordPress 2.0, all I had to do was upload them into he .../wp-content/themes/ directory, and i was ready to begin my assement of which theme would be the default theme for the new Blog.

To keep track of my preferences, I made a "Page" -- which by the way could be a nice way to start the "pages" section of your Word Press installation, if you haven't done so yet. I titled that page "Favorite Themes" (pretty creative, huh?) and using Firefox with three tabs open, I left the Dashboard Page-editer open in one tab so i could make comment about which theme i was testing, then i used the second tab for selecting the thems from the "Presentation" section of the WP Admin area, and in the third tab, i had my blog index.php showing as any visitor would see it, and hit refresh each time i set a new theme. In this manner i was able to quickly log my opinion about several themes, and keep that log handy as "Favorite Themes" so any time i wish to try one of my other "favorites", the log is only a click away-- and i can add to it, or change my opinions at any time-- thereby keeping a good idea of what style best fits the Blog, for the ultimate presentational benefit.

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PostgreSQL: Enterprise Landmark

As a member of the PostgreSQL newsgroup mailing list, i'm amazed at the amount of daily "big news" about the most advanced open-source (a.k.a. Free-to-use) relational database.

In a mailing to pgsql-announce@__.org, David Fetter provided a link to the following article at LinuxPR.com: Linux PR: PostgreSQL's enterprise adoption boosted. Take a moment to read it if you're curious about PostgreSQL.

The article expresses excitement over a major corporation in the UK admitting to use of PGSQL, which is a very favorable reflection upon the database integrity.

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Taking a ‘Glance’ at Remote Education

Glance is the name of some remote desktop technology which looks promising-- that is, if it truly works as easy as they say! Check out the link for the full story, straight from the moose's caboose.

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Windows XP: Tips and Tricks

Boost Your Desktop Productivity

Custom File Open / Save Dialog

Typically when using software on Windos XP, if it's the type of application from which you can save documents (MS Word, Notepad, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Sony Sound Forge, etc.), once you have saved a document during an "open session" with that application, meaning if you havent shut-down, or exited the app since the last save, then the next time you opt to save a document, the Open / Save dialog "window" will show the same location where you last saved (or from which you last opened) a document. It's a Windows behavior which you are probably so accustomed to that you don't even realize that it's happening that way. The idea being, i venture to guess, is to boost productivity under the mindset that if the user has saved in this folder, he or she will likely save in the same folder again, and 9 times out of 10, this is probably the case. However, have you ever worked with any software applications which always revert back to the same "default" location in the Save dialog-- even if you've recently saved (or opened) a document from that application during that session with the app? If your answer is yes then you probably have also noticed this peculiarity, and found it to be annoying-- if not, then you're fortunate to either not be bothered by it, or to simply not use any apps that function that way!

If you're one of the frustrated users, you don't have to deal with that frustration any longer!

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Inspired by the Learners to Teach Something New

To Write a Book... it's a wild thought, it's certainly "nothing new" as it's been the method for transference of knowledge throughout History, and from what i understand, it's one of the most difficult projects one can complete in a lifetime. It's also a very meaningful way to leave something of oneself behind for future generations. My experience and success as an Instructor in some way makes the task seem like a goal that i just might be able to reach, and that's very inspiring to me.

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