What's on your Brain. Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?




IF YOU PARTICIPATE IN SOCIAL NETWORK, TWEET / LIKE (etc.) BUTTONS, please do not simply “page-down” through the various articles, then stop and read one, and click a button there. Though I appreciate the participation, I ask you...

Instead, please click the title; the header; the name of the artcle; the text which is bold, at the top of each entry, then proceed with reading the body, specific to the title so the social network buttons point to what you want (otherwise, only the root web site itself is in focus).
Only from within each individual article will the many mind-blowing, interactive features become visible, and operate as desired.

Directive: I want you to click the "Like" and "Tweet" buttons, PER TITLE, not per web site, as many do in error (although, done in good will).
Additional: The viewing experience is enhanced, as clicking an article title provides a list of "Related Items".

WHY SO Important?

The Social Network (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Delicious, etc.): the Name of the Game.


Right you are to care so little about it, but I beg you follow this one little plea:
Click the title, first, then when on the singular, article-page, read and click social network buttons from the Article view. This ensures any Tweet / Like actions will point to the appropriate article per your wish. Many thanks for your cooperation!

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Sugar and Lime

On the precipice of time
There is no reason;
Little rhyme.
Logic is not flawless.
Crossing souls intertwine:
For what moment?
On what line?
The ticking-hands wag, in sign:
Over a select, and very few
the human-being might pine.

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there's no love in beating a horse;
no sense in beating a dead horse
it is impossible to resurrect the dead.
how dim it once was,
now brightened in the head.

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Leap from the highest perch
A human

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Salts of Aunt Feddermine Combo’s

What ramble i jumbled:
what crushed, how they crumble;
what melts in the mouth,
hour hands when I fumble.
Marionette dance
legislate scripted,
“salts of … combo”, must children de-crypt it.
Query a clue,
the Robin did twitter,
“What makes some men blind?”,
how crass be “the Riddler”?
“helps others see!”
A Bat may be queer, but would not be puzzled.
Said “Sand makes up glass...”,
as “Grayson” he nuzzled.
Stifled for words,
I thought I might pee.
She crawled toward my pipe,
she called it my bowl,
she crawled back and rocked
like “Gee-Whiz”
and I rolled.

§ Transcribed of ancient scrolls... (2010?) §

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Excerpt from a letter, to Julie Bortner

I can not be an /artist/, and not produce artistic things, or speak in a manner which might [not] incite emotion. If this is not what one wants from me, then it is not I, but she.

I choose to “Be”. If that existence ends tomorrow, then, at least I have not compromised what once was "me". Never have I, nor shall I ever be such a piece of insignificant, pliable dirt; clay, to shape this, or that way.

(expletives, certainly, w/ some kind of F-words!)

It's all misunderstanding, and hasty conclusions, and .... well, i know that you are at least as familiar with the rest of such stories, Sis.
And what's wrong with this? And what's wrong with that? And perhaps, it's all a kiss could want, or need to fix. I have no sympathy; no sense of urgency for mending these pseudo/ fabricated nonsensical stones and sticks.

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Aggressive Passion

Affect Humanity
Leverage More
Passive Aggression
Laugh Singular
Impossible Stone
Set Free
Empty Savior
Forever Not Befitting

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