What's on your Brain. Objectivity affects what force, before Subjectivity is manifest?




IF YOU PARTICIPATE IN SOCIAL NETWORK, TWEET / LIKE (etc.) BUTTONS, please do not simply “page-down” through the various articles, then stop and read one, and click a button there. Though I appreciate the participation, I ask you...

Instead, please click the title; the header; the name of the artcle; the text which is bold, at the top of each entry, then proceed with reading the body, specific to the title so the social network buttons point to what you want (otherwise, only the root web site itself is in focus).
Only from within each individual article will the many mind-blowing, interactive features become visible, and operate as desired.

Directive: I want you to click the "Like" and "Tweet" buttons, PER TITLE, not per web site, as many do in error (although, done in good will).
Additional: The viewing experience is enhanced, as clicking an article title provides a list of "Related Items".

WHY SO Important?

The Social Network (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Delicious, etc.): the Name of the Game.


Right you are to care so little about it, but I beg you follow this one little plea:
Click the title, first, then when on the singular, article-page, read and click social network buttons from the Article view. This ensures any Tweet / Like actions will point to the appropriate article per your wish. Many thanks for your cooperation!

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Aggressive Passion

Affect Humanity
Leverage More
Passive Aggression
Laugh Singular
Impossible Stone
Set Free
Empty Savior
Forever Not Befitting

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All those moments … like tears in rain.

I'm sorry for those times i've offended you. In particular, my continued, insensitive use of the word "retarded". When I say "queer", i'm referring to the denotative meaning, as "strange", if i say "gay", i'm probably referring to homosexuality, which i believe is accepted amongst the community. I will NEVER use the word "nigger" (unless, as a quote from another text), and I try to never use "cunt", or "bitch", in reference to women whom i loathe. One could argue the list goes on: "Drunk", "dope-head", "fat", "bum", etc.

Hey, at least i'm trying, people. At least, I'm conscious of these things, and I admit I have faults. Nobody's perfect. I don't want to hurt you. I don't want you to feel hurt. I don't want you to hurt me, in the same manner.

I'm old. The younger generations understand these things with a deeper sensitivity, and sensibility. We must learn from them.

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She Don’t Use Oxy

“c'mon all you pot-heads! Bend your knees!” ~ Perry Farrell (from the film, “Soul Kiss”)

ASIDE: Oranges are fine, for real.
20 Mg of Vitamin, per peel.
I prefer the warm climate
Rx of the Orange,
So dirty can be snow.

Oranges: peculiar?
Upper-East: Oddly.
I've tons of those beasts!

“I know a girl who, looks like Cher:
She's always changing
the color of her hair...
she likes her _HARE_ to be real Orange!
She uses Tangerines!” {*1}

(ASIDE: Alas, i ain't got no money, and i ain't got no Hare)

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Face-Book Fart-Fumbling

“it is not the dogma (e.g. Catholocism; Church; Christianity, etc.); the cult; the religion, which brainwashes children to be insane.
But, what do i know; I've no children: I'm merely an observer.

The child is driven mad, you must understand, when the breast is not at his mouth. Madness, and psychosis; violence, etc.: these things begin there, during the development of the /Ego/; when the child discovers his is not the breast, but obtains the breast through such means as complaint; tantrums; keeping the parent awake for 36+ hours, etc.)” {*1}

{*1} FBUID: Brock.Sampson.927
(RE FBUID: jillhochman, P# 824789857546773)

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One likes to crush the dream;
One might set it to flame;
One is too young to know:
What does it mean
to kick the stool from below?

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The Feather and the Croft

Free thyself;
Free the soul,
as a feather from the croft,
let the future be thus

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